Knowledge Hub

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Knowledge Hub

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Knowledge Hub is a knowledge-centered template for an active learner which helps to manage your web clips, create daily journals, and track your book's progress by watching timelines.

It enables users to build a collection of videos, images, and other media, and organize them easily.

With the state indicator that shows the current status of web clips, it is possible to follow your progress daily.

It provides alternative methods to the standard method of keeping a diary, especially useful for young people who find it difficult to write their diary entries.

It also provides alternative ways to categorize web clips around specific categories such as video, article, meme, Tweet, etc.

In it you’ll find:

  1. A web clips assortment system
  2. Daily Journal
  3. A book tracker

With each designed to function as smoothly as possible without any friction.

There are a lot of other features present in the template that you will find to be interesting.

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You'll get an organizing system that enables you to keep track of your web clips from article to videos to everything in the internet.

Assorting system
Status indicator
Book tracker
Daily Journal
Clips counter
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